The National Association of Certified Fingerprint Technicians (NAOCFT) was established to certify the fingerprint background check industry. It is the interest of the fingerprinting industry to have an accreditation program for both fingerprint technicians and fingerprint facilities.


To uphold the highest industry standard for collecting biometrics while protecting personal data.


Fingerprinting for civilian purposes is a fairly new sector in an important industry. The United States began allowing private companies to fulfill fingerprint enrollment in the late 1990’s and the first private sites began opening in the early 2000’s. The initial members of NAOCFT were concerned with the lack of industry regulation considering the gravity of the process and they wanted to establish and stimulate the highest level of ethics and criteria for the fingerprinting industry. Founding members were simply shown how to turn on their Livescan equipment and that was it!


Just like there are no two fingerprints the same, there are no two fingerprinting applicants that are the same. We have encountered just about everything from missing and extra fingers to low quality ridge detail. When you are certified by NAOCFT, you will learn cutting edge systems and techniques to capture the best possible fingerprints the first time.


Your facility matters. We will go over the best locations for your fingerprinting business from mobile business to brick and mortar- we have done it all. Making sure you are not susceptible to data breaches is imperative to the sustainability of your fingerprinting business.

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