Fingerprint technicians are highly coveted and not commonly well trained (even former law enforcement fingerprint technicians have low standards and some have higher than usual rejection rates). Getting certified by NAOCFT will give you the knowledge and experience in the biometric field of fingerprinting.

Depending on where you live, fingerprint technicians make anywhere from $25,000/year to $100,000/year.

There are some things a box cannot teach you. You must experience fingerprinting, hands on, and the different ways to counter react to your fingerprint applicant. Online classes do not teach you how to get the best possible fingerprints from someone that is tense, from someone that is too relaxed. We call fingerprints “Goldilocks”, because we have to get them just right. They can’t be too dark, too light, too high, too low and everything in-between might be less than the best.

Being a Livescan Technician is so much more than data entry. People tend to equate fingerprinting with criminal activity. Unless you are working at a Prison or Jail, you are fingerprinting the public for employment or licensing. Dealing with the public is different than dealing with criminals. Our training goes far beyond techniques and rolling fingerprints, we will show you how to work with your applicants and capture that repeat business!

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