Accreditation Benefits


The National Association of Certified Fingerprint Technicians is an accreditation program for training and certifying fingerprint technicians and for certifying fingerprint facilities located in the United States. Governed by strict and thorough professional guidelines and professional standards. Proper handling of PII to protecting vulnerable populations, the NAOCFT certifies individuals and facilities.

Fingerprint Technicians

Start a new career as a fingerprint technician! The NAOCFT trains and certifies fingerprint technicians through a rigorous training program.

When you get Certified by NAOCFT, you will get hands on training:

  • Collecting, Proper Handling and Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Verifying Identity Documents
  • Required Data for Fingerprint Submissions
  • Guidelines and preparation of fingerprinting
  • Fingerprinting techniques and processes
  • Exceptions to fingerprint situations
  • Submission methods
  • Federal and State Laws for fingerprinting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Ethics
  • Regulations
  • How to use Livescan Equipment
  • Fingerprinting Basics
  • Livescan Forms and Application Guidelines
  • Ink Fingerprinting
  • Livescan Equipment
  • Livescan Fingerprinting Techniques
  • Exceptions
  • Compliance
  • Background Check Results
  • Databases
  • Rejections
  • Pricing

Our class options vary from a class setting to one-on-one training. With over two decades of fingerprinting experience, our instructors have rolled millions of fingers and have seen all the anomalies you may encounter. Any member of NAOCFT will get additional support and webinar access to the latest in Livescan and biometric industry.

The National Association of Certified Fingerprint Technicians (NAOCFT) offers a certification program to individuals and prospects in the fingerprinting industry.

NAOCFT certifies fingerprint technicians and the facilities they own or are employed. It is critical to the fingerprinting industry that standards are represented and upheld.

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